21% down to 6% in 4 months…. Most likely attention span depleted. I plan on making alot of money off this generation. Some whack lefty will shoot upside place just b4 the election. When stationed overseas we stayed on base during local elections. Politics aside, it’s fun too! Visiting SC again soon and our 18 year-old son is again looking forward to shooting some autos at the local range, can’t do that in NJ. Agenda? Self promotion seems to be the real agenda wrapped in "caring". Total 🐂💨💩 I have about 26 ideas how to outright defraud Generation Z. I plan on being the Kevin Trudeau of Generation Z. My favorite idea is a service that charges monthly and provides them with an outdated , cheap bulky wristband they carry around , so when they see a social injustice they have to fill out a 20 minute report form on a crappy wristband then send it to my service. We of course do nothing but respond like we are sending the social justice police. Ill get a few Gen Z idols to endorse it and they can feel good reporting social injustices and we can laugh at them for being stupid.I figure $99 a month. Ill have to come up with a cool and slick infomercial and get some high powered endorsements.

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