Gun control is un-American

Here go the Democrats again with gun control. Never will they let a crisis be wasted to push one of their favored causes. The recent gun murders in Boulder, Colo., and Atlanta stirred up President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the rest of the left to demand increased levels of gun purchase background checks, banning of assault rifles and reduced magazine sizes. This is nothing more than chipping away at the possession of arms by citizens of this country, a right protected under the Second Amendment. It is the shooters who should be the focus of murders, not the weapons used to commit the crimes. People on the left blame police when they shoot someone but fail to blame the murderer responsible for killing someone. Not only does this logic fail, but the gun laws desired by the Democrats punish victims of crimes who would be hampered in their ability to defend themselves against assailants. What Democrats fail to realize and accept is that one of the main reasons the Second Amendment exists is to protect citizens against a totalitarian government that has usurped the rights of its citizens. This nation has already experienced the consequences of that in the 18th century. Americans will fight for the right to possess firearms to protect ourselves against either assailants or a government that seeks total power over the people.

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