Gun control legislation or executive orders? Here’s what President Biden is considering

Gun control legislation or executive orders? Here's what President Biden is considering

WASHINGTON — After two deadly shootings in under a week in Atlanta, and Boulder, Colorado, rocked the nation, President Joe Biden is facing questions about what actions he will support to increase gun control . On March 16, a gunman in Georgia killed eight people, six of whom were Asian American women, as the nation sees an uptick in racist attacks toward Asian Americans. Then on Monday, a man in Boulder killed 10 people, including one police officer, when he opened fire at a grocery store. Democrats are calling for the expansion of background checks, and Biden has pushed for the Senate to pass gun legislation already passed by the House. But he’s also being asked about whether he’ll also introduce gun control legislation or take issue executive orders. Here’s where he stands: Biden calls for passing background check legislation The president said he wants the Senate to take up and pass two bills that were previously passed by the House that would impact background check laws in the country. The first, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, would expand background checks on firearm sales, closing a gun show and online sales loophole. It passed the House with the support of eight Republicans, while one Democrat voted against it. The second piece of legislation, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021, would close another loophole dubbed the "Charleston loophole," which allows gun sales to proceed without a completed background check if three business days have passed, by extending the background […]

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