Gun Control Solutions

This thread is not meant to debate whether people should own guns or not, that topic has been discussed extensively and I believe it leads us no-where. At the end of the day, our issue is not with guns but with the crimes committed with guns. We all want the same thing, but we have different views on how to tackle the issue. I think we all agree that school shootings are bad and that something should be done to stop this; however, I think we also agree that criminals find a way, the police isn’t the most reliable, and every citizen should feel safe and enabled to protect themselves. Objective: We want to reduce gun violence. Scenario: Guns are here to stay. 1. What measures has your country taken to reduce gun violence? Did it work? If possible, please explain why it did or did not work. Credible sources would be highly appreciated. 2. What measures do you think we should take? Offered solutions can be anything, such as, a new law, policy, technology, etc. Invalid suggestions: Getting rid of guns. Education. It doesn’t matter what any other country has done, unless that country has a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

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