Gun law opponents’ arguments laden with emotion

After reading Rebecca Squires and others’ opinion pieces in the Missoulian, it is clear there is an abundance of emotional knee-jerk reaction to House Bill 102. Bad arguments laden with emotion do not make better arguments. Take the “suicide” track, for example. I fail to see why a restriction in the manner and place a person can carry a firearm is somehow going to prevent suicide, or how it would increase. The anti-civil rights crowd (aka anti-gun) seems to think it would. One of the claims I find amusing and is often cited by the anti-gun mob: “if you own a gun you are three times more likely to commit suicide with a firearm.” What does this even mean? It could also be said that if you have access to a vehicle you are three times more likely to drive drunk or get in an accident. If you have access to food, you also increase your risk to choking, too. The anti-civil rights crowd use suicide and threat of increased violence as the boogeyman. Though the real agenda is to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms, self defense. Just ask Beto O’Rourke. Archer Clark, Missoula

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