Gun laws are common sense

Men walk down Main Street with firearms during a pro-gun rally in Richmond on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021. A sign warns that guns are banned at demonstrations. (Ned Oliver/Virginia Mercury) By John Crimmins Lately, Second Amendment extremists who think they have the freedom to own and carry guns wherever they want — including while storming the United States Capitol — have been in the spotlight. Pictures of armed militias are attention-grabbing and frightening, but these individuals don’t speak for the majority of Virginians. These extremists talk a lot about the Second Amendment right. One thing you won’t hear them talking about? Responsibility. These extremists are fixated on using a gun to protect themselves but rarely spare a thought for the individuals who may be killed, injured, or threatened with these guns. I know from my experience in law enforcement that the impact of a shooting lingers long after the crime scene is cleared. Shootings ripple outwards, affecting the victim’s family, community and the police officers themselves, often leaving lasting trauma in their wake. That’s why I believe in gun safety laws, in Virginia and in the rest of the country. Law enforcement officers understand the devastating impact of gun violence better than most, and many of us are standing up and demanding that legislators take action to save lives from gun violence. I was proud to see my state’s lawmakers step up to be leaders last year, passing laws to protect our communities. We took a big leap forward: […]

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