Gun laws in Ohio: What's next for permitless carry, red flag and more?

Gun laws in Ohio: What’s next for permitless carry, red flag and more?

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said his staff is working on "red flag" legislation to keep guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves or others. (Photo: Zach Tuggle/News Journal) Red flag laws. Permitless concealed carry. Safe storage of guns. Stand your ground. The future of Ohio’s gun laws – whether access to firearms is expanded or restricted – depends largely on the state’s new governor, Mike DeWine. DeWine was never the first choice of Second Amendment advocates. They preferred his lieutenant governor and one-time rival Jon Husted or even former Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who proudly donned her rifle at a 2018 gun-rights rally on the Statehouse steps. In Congress, DeWine’s support of gun control measures, such as background checks at gun shows , earned him an "F" rating from the National Rifle Association. But the NRA ultimately endorsed DeWine, a Republican, over Democratic rival Rich Cordray weeks before the November 2018 election. Husted’s presence on the ticket eased some gun rights advocates’ fears that DeWine might act like former Gov. John Kasich. Kasich signed every Second Amendment bill that crossed his desk and then suddenly started advocating for gun restrictions. "Gov. DeWine isn’t a gun guy, so he’s not like us in that," said Jim Irvine, president of Buckeye Firearms Association. "That sometimes creates problems." Red hot over red flag DeWine caught gun advocates off guard when he told reporters that his staff was working on a so-called "red flag law." These types of laws, which […]

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