Gun Ownership, Violence, Mental Health & Inherited Traits

The U.S. leads the world in gun ownership, but which states have the most and least number of guns owned? And which countries have the highest gun ownership and murder rates? Col Ben presents this data and examines the complex relationships among gun ownership, violent crimes, personalities, mental health variables, and federal gun laws. Did you know that the United States has the highest gun ownership rate of all countries, according to the World Atlas’s November 2018 data? There are a lot of studies that present some fascinating facts about gun ownership for U.S. states and countries, as well as the effects of mental health, personality, and genes on gun violence. This article gives you some of this interesting and documented information from several statistically-valid studies and sources. I also offer some of my observations. Here are some of the things presented here for your information: Which U.S. states have the highest & lowest number of civilian guns owned by its people? What are the top 15 countries that have the highest number of civilian guns owned? Which countries have the highest number of gun-related murders in the world? What are the effects of mental health, personality, and genes on anti-social behavior? What are some of the main Federal Firearms Laws existing in the U.S.? Why Do We Even Need to Know Which States Have the Most Guns? Well, quite frankly, we need to know where the most guns are, so we can concentrate on the security and safety […]

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