Gun-rights group pushing to make Bernalillo County a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

Gun Rights

"Gun Rights are Women’s Rights" organizers hope to make Bernalillo a Second Amendment sanctuary county. "Gun Rights are Women’s Rights" organizers hope to make Bernalillo a "Second Amendment Sanctuary county." The group’s founder said they want to make their voices heard when it comes to gun laws in our state, and to let county commissioners know that they don’t support the gun laws passed by our lawmakers during the roundhouse. "I would just like the commissioners to have a voice in this and the people have a voice, so it’s not just something they are absolutely not agreeing to without at least looking at the resolution," said Stefani Lord, the founder. At least 26 counties passed "Second Amendment Sanctuary" resolutions in response to gun laws passed during the legislative session, including a law requiring more background checks. "I’m trying to make a difference and I’m trying to make a stand," Lord said. The president of the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association said he’s happy people are voicing their opinions when it comes to gun legislation in the state. "What’s good for one area or one part of the state of New Mexico may not be good for the a state of New Mexico as a whole, and that’s kinda where we gotta look at when we’re enacting laws," Sheriff Tony Mace said. In February, Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzalez released a statement saying he’s in favor of Second Amendment sanctuary counties, but the decision should be left up to commissioners. […]

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