Gun rights supporters gather

Second Amendment supporters used their First Amendment rights Saturday to assemble peaceably and speak their piece. Some did it while carrying a piece. They strapped on firearms to make their point that the right to bear arms is the American way. The small gathering at a corner of Town Square was greeted by passers-by with reactions that ranged from support to curiosity to bemusement. The rally was organized by Robert Benedict, a transplant to Jackson from Great Britain who has enthusiastically adopted gun ownership and other American rights. Benedict, accompanied by his American wife and their two daughters, called the hourlong get-together “a celebration of America and the rights we have here.” The pro-gun rights group, with people coming and going, topped out at about a dozen at its largest. About a half dozen handguns were carried openly, though others, legally under Wyoming law, might have been there but concealed. One of the group, James Raven, with a semi-automatic pistol strapped to his chest near his heart, said he and others wanted to celebrate the right of gun ownership and argue against limits, even limits with good intentions. “I’m all for solutions” to gun violence, he said, “other than taking guns away from people.” Raven said that in general he espouses the idea that it’s people, not guns, who are responsible for crime, and that guns are just as likely to be a force for good as bad. Limiting gun ownership threatens to lead to more limits without end, […]

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