Gun rights waiver bill introduced

Several Assembly Democrats have introduced legislation that would give state residents the right to into a registry waiving their right to purchase guns. A.11121 is sponsored by Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale, and co-sponsored by Jeffrey Dinowitz, Fred Abinanti, Richard Gottfried, Assemblywoman Fahy, Rebecca Seawright, Assemblyman Englebright and Assemblyman Dickens. It would amend the state Executive Law and give the New York State Police the responsibility to develop and maintain the registry. If approved, anyone would be able to file a voluntary waiver of their right to purchase a gun. The State Police would then request photo identification to verify the person’s identity before accepting the form. Waivers would include an alternate individual to be contacted if the waiver is revoked. No sooner than 21 days after filing a waiver, an individual would be able to file a recovation of their waiver. Waivers would not be able to be required as a condition of employment or for benefits or services. The proposed law also states no records required by the registry law would be subject to disclosure and would remain confidential for matters of health care, employment, education, housing, insurance, government benefits and contracting. According to Paulin’s legislative justification, the legislation is a response to increasing gun violence in New York, particularly suicides, which according to Centers for Disease Control statistics, account for two-thirds of gun deaths in the United States. The bill is based on a Wall Street Journal op/ed by Frederick Vars and Ian Ayres titled “Suicide Accounts for […]

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