Gun sales: Best May ever, 2021 set to crush record, public ‘afraid of violence, tyranny’

Gun sales: Best May ever, 2021 set to crush record, public 'afraid of violence, tyranny'

As Democrats and President Joe Biden continue to promote gun control instead of targeting those who commit violent acts, people in May continued to flood gun stores, giving the month the record for FBI background checks. The latest FBI data suggest that 2021 will be another record year for background checks and sales, topping the nearly 40 million checks in 2020. One eye-popping statistic: 2021 looks to double the number of background checks and sales of 2015, when 23 million checks were conducted. While not a one-to-one match, background checks track gun sales. Background checks are also conducted in some instances for security clearances and concealed carry permits. Still, the record pace shows the growing popularity of weapons. Gun stores and industry officials said the surge is being driven by minorities and women concerned about their safety as they see violence, especially in urban areas, increase. The popularity of firearms is evident in gun stores across the nation where inventory is low and the availability of ammunition is scarce. Politically, Democrats and the media have seized on the murder rate to blame guns, rarely the victimizers. But sales show that the public is not moved by that argument. Polls show also that the public stands against the anti-gun efforts of Biden. "There has never, not once, been an accepted study that correlated increased violent crime with increased gun sales. In fact, it’s been proven over and over again that an armed populace is a polite populace. Criminals, for the […]

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