Gun Sales on Rise in US amid Pandemic Uncertainty, Biden’s Vow for Gun Reform

Gun Sales on Rise in US amid Pandemic Uncertainty, Biden's Vow for Gun Reform

A record number of background checks were performed in the past year, according to data released by the FBI, reaching over 39.6 million background checks for firearms in 2020, The Hill reported. And while there’s no official data on exactly how many guns are sold in the US, background checks serve as a good proxy, according to Adam Winkler, Author of the book "Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America." Experts attribute the demand to fear and uncertainty that was sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, protests over racial injustice from last summer and the 2020 presidential election. The pandemic gripped the US in March, leading businesses small and large to shut down, and leaving millions of people unemployed. In the summer of 2020, nationwide protests erupted after the killing and shooting of several Black Americans including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake. The majority of the protests were peaceful, however, violence broke out in Minneapolis, Minn., as well as Kenosha, Wisc. Among other cities. Most recently, the presidential election caused months of spotty unrest with protestors across the country alleging that the election was “stolen” from former US President Trump as a result of widespread voter fraud. Tensions came to an apex when a mob of Trump’s supporters breach Capitol security early in January. Winkler said that people may look to guns for protection in uncertain times. “People feel uncertain,” Winkler said. “And when you’re feeling uncertain, and you feel like you’re vulnerable, a […]

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