Gun sales still up locally

By Elena Stidham It’s an era of unknowns – unknowns more prevalent than perhaps ever before – with COVID, politics, social unrest and more. Whatever the reason, gun sales have drastically increased. At Hoosier Armory in Noblesville, owner Rick O’Leary said he thinks the country has been divided for decades, but he believes “the threat of socialism” is causing that to increase. “It’s just like a child,” O’Leary said. “If you want to take something away from them, they want it more. Humans are the same way. We’re a free country and when you’re threatened by that — like with a toilet paper shortage, you want it more — it’s human nature.” The desire to protect oneself and their family is what droves sales up at BareArms, according to supervisor Matt Loy. “It’s increased based off of political views, and everyone’s views are different,” Loy said. “People have a greater desire to protect themselves and carry a gun and make sure that their friends and family are safe.” Despite the controversy around gun laws and concerns for guns being sold, BareArms promotes safety and proper gun training above all things. With four full-time training instructors, Loy explained that he’s careful to ask a customer what their intentions are, as well as help guide them to the right firearm. “We’re trying to give people with the correct state and local laws, and whatever questions they have they can get those answered here,” Loy said. “We love having new people […]

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