Gun ‘sanctuaries’ spreading across Illinois

Gun 'sanctuaries' spreading across Illinois

The resolution declaring Effingham County a sanctuary for guns has started a statewide trend of opposition to legislation directed toward firearms. But it remains to be seen if it has any real effect in Springfield. So far, 30 Illinois counties have passed "firearms sanctuary" resolutions that oppose bills before the state legislature and declare that the counties will not enforce laws that infringe on the Second Amendment. The resolutions have not been tested by any new laws, but it appears the resolutions would not affect how law enforcement operates. Illinois State Police officials say they will still enforce gun laws, regardless of a local resolution. On Thursday, Effingham County Board Member David Campbell proposed the board take it a step farther and turn it into a referendum. The idea didn’t progress out of the committee meeting. The debate On March 13 , the Iroquois County Board passed a resolution opposed to five different bills in the state legislature. It was authored by Iroquois Board Member Chad McGinnis, who said in a recent interview he was spurred by concerns that the bills could make his family members instant felons by virtue of owning currently legal equipment. In Effingham County, Campbell contacted McGinnis to acquire a copy of the resolution. Campbell said he’d been approached by residents and business owners asking the board to support the Second Amendment. The Iroquois County resolution was a great start, he said. So Campbell passed it to Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler for review. […]

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