Gun Training for Teachers Among Indiana GOP Firearms Bills

(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana school districts would be able to seek state money to provide gun training for their teachers under a bill endorsed by a legislative committee. Tom Davies, of the Associated Press, reports the measure that advanced Monday joins several other Republican-sponsored proposals backed by guns-rights supporters that are moving forward, while Democrats have complained about the GOP-dominated Legislature not considering their bills aimed at tightening gun laws. The proposals taken up by Republicans include eliminating fees on five-year handgun licenses and providing more immunity from lawsuits to people who shoot an attacker under the state’s "stand your ground" self-defense law. The bill approved 8-2 Monday by the House Education Committee would let school districts apply for grants from the state’s school safety fund toward 40-hour training programs for teachers who volunteer to be armed during school hours. The panel removed a provision in the measure to repeal the state’s ban on non-police officers carrying guns on school property without district permission. Jay County schools Superintendent Jeremy Gulley told the committee that the eastern Indiana district decided last year to allow selected volunteers have access to guns kept in safes, making it one of only three out of the state’s nearly 300 districts allowing teachers or other non-police employees to be armed. The Jay County district took that step because of worries over how long it could take police officers to reach schools spread out in the rural county in event of an attack, Gulley said. School safety […]

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