Gun violence: Save the thoughts and prayers, it’s time for Senate action

Gun violence: Save the thoughts and prayers, it's time for Senate action

This weekend, as we pause to remember the women, men and families who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, we will do so with the reality of gun violence lurking in the backdrop. As a father of three and as a law-abiding gun owner, it pains me to use these words: Our families should be safe. My children and yours should be free from harm. After more than 200 mass shootings this year , including 12 just this past weekend, and yesterday’s deadly shooting in San Jose, Calif., Congress should be shocked into action. And yet, here we are. The Bipartisan Background Checks bill sits dormant in the U.S. Senate, bogged down by those senators with blind allegiance to the NRA, instead of the more than 90 percent of Americans — including gun owners — who support universal background checks for gun ownership. The "thoughts and prayers" so often offered by public officials to the victims and survivors simply aren’t working. It’s time for Senate action. It’s time to act on behalf of the children and families whose stories remain unfinished. It’s time to act on behalf of the over 100 lives taken every day by guns, in acts of violence that don’t make news headlines but change families forever. It’s time for a Senate vote to see who stands with American families that want to protect their right to live. I have a simple question: What are we waiting for? The refusal to act — the cowering […]

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