‘Gunner Biden’ takes aim at Second Amendment

It is said, watch what politicians do and not what they say. Our country is sideways. We are surrounded by cowards, feel-good laws, guilt marketing and a sense of perverted righteousness. Many representatives get elected, take office, swear to uphold the Constitution. Within minutes, many of them do everything they can to circumvent and destroy the very foundation they swore to uphold. In the last few weeks, we have had two highly reported shootings. The president did not miss an opportunity to use these tragic events to push his agendas. The president touted the Atlanta shooting at three massage parlors as "An assault on the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) community in Georgia." The shooter has not been charged with a hate crime. Playing the race/hate card, the propaganda machines spread fear to Asians. They failed to mention the victims included six Asians and two whites murdered and a Hispanic man who was injured. The motive does not look like it was racial; the accused said he had a sex addiction. Six days later, in Boulder, Colorado, a man entered a grocery store parking lot, killed 10 people, and wounded one. The president and media led people to believe that the shooter used the evil AR-15 rifle. However, he had two pistols — a Ruger AR-556 and a 9mm pistol (believed to not have been used). Both were legally purchased. In response to the Atlanta shooting, the president quickly asked Congress to send him the "COVID-19 Hate Crimes […]

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