Hartmann: Gun Worship Emerging As Missouri’s State Religion

Hartmann: Gun Worship Emerging As Missouri's State Religion

Even the most common-sense gun laws have struggled to pass into law. The Second Amendment comes first. The message ricocheted around Missouri like stray munitions from a shaky marksman: Pray all you want, but you’re not taking away our guns, even for the length of a church service. Churches, synagogues, temples and mosques have been placed on notice that they may no longer be a sanctuary from the gun lobby and its flock. The state House of Representatives has passed and sent to the Senate a bill that would remove houses of worship from the list of places where gun owners cannot pack heat. For now, places of religious worship are regarded as off limits for concealed carry of firearms. They’re on an exception list that includes police stations, sports arenas, prisons, courthouses and other government buildings, casinos, child-care facilities, amusement parks, airports, schools and colleges, and some bars. But were the Senate and Governor Mike Parson to agree to this latest nonsense, state government would try to blow a hole into the First Amendment. It would seek to regulate places of religious worship as places of private property ownership. Religious groups would be required by the government to post signs — meeting state specifications — were they to ban guns from their premises. There would be other rules as well. So much for the separation of church and state. Brought to you, largely, by the same Republicans who have complained bitterly about public-health restrictions on houses of worship […]

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