Here’s how to bridge the divide on guns

Here's how to bridge the divide on guns

Police confronted Santa Fe school gunman within 4 minutes Every time a mentally ill person – or even a terrorist – uses a gun in a mass shooting in America, people on the anti-gun left use the same misdirection to steer the conversation toward their favorite political solutions. First, they argue that the rights of law-abiding gun owners must be reduced to stop future murderers. Then they demand that Congress pass their agenda, even though it’s clear their remedies wouldn’t have stopped the killer. To accomplish this, they pretend that America’s more than 100 million legal gun owners are somehow responsible for the actions of a murderer. When anti-gun activists don’t get their way they condemn the associations that represent gun owners and attack the manufacturers that make products for law-abiding citizens, our police officers and our armed forces. As the rhetoric has heated up in this latest salvo, a few have even called the National Rifle Association a “terrorist organization.” These efforts ultimately fail because of the pushback anti-gun activists and politicians get for their attempts to blame law-abiding people for the actions of a few lawbreakers. America’s gun owners and manufacturers rightly refuse to be blamed for the criminal actions of monsters. They ask: Do we blame automakers after a terrorist or a mentally ill person uses a vehicle to run people down? Gun owners in America, after all, are hardly part of a criminal gang. Recent polls show that 30 percent of American adults say they […]

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