Here’s what Congress is considering on gun rights (and why nothing will happen)

Here's what Congress is considering on gun rights (and why nothing will happen)

In a country with easy access to guns, there will be mass shootings. A lot of them. Shootings will cost lives in red states and blue states, cities and suburbs. Lawmakers will talk about making it ever-so-slightly more difficult for people to buy guns. They will fail to do anything about it. Tuesday’s focus was on the horrible shooting that claimed 10 lives at a grocery story in Colorado. But there have been seven mass shootings in seven days around the country , beginning with the bloody rampage in Atlanta against Asian women. There were also multiple injuries after shootings in Stockton, California; Gresham, Oregon; Dallas; Houston; and Philadelphia. The shooter in Georgia bought his firearm the day he is alleged to have carried out the attacks, according to police. There’s no waiting period to buy a gun in Georgia, making it a much easier process than, say, registering to vote, which takes more time there. The Boulder shooting occurred 10 days after a county judge, Andrew Hartman, halted implementation of a ban on assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines. The bans had been passed by Boulder’s local government after the 2018 shooting in Parkland, Florida. He said only state or federal law could ban such weapons. Congress has tried to address these problems. The Democratic-led House of Representatives passed two bills on March 11 — less than two weeks ago! — that would expand background checks on all commercial gun sales. While strong proposals like a ban on […]

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