Here’s what you need to know: Friday, May 14

Here's what you need to know: Friday, May 14

Mid-Missourians are finding it harder and harder to purchase homes. Mason Crawford, a Columbia resident, said he resonates with these troubles. “I mean, it feels pretty hopeless sometimes, like seeing what’s out there. And there’s not a ton of houses on the market right now,” Crawford said. “We’re working hard to find what we like but the more we get shot down, the less secure we feel in that decision.” More Missourians are experiencing this feeling as the demand for real estate from out-of-staters is rising. Missouri is withdrawing its State Plan Amendments for MO HealthNet Expansion, halting a Medicaid expansion plan that voters approved in August. In a news release, Governor Mike Parson’s office said the Missouri Department of Social Services submitted a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services Thursday to formally withdraw the plans. It comes after voters approved a constitutional amendment expanding MO HealthNet eligibility to people between 100 and 138% of the Federal Poverty Line. Parson’s office said the ballot initiative appropriated funds without creating a source of revenue, which is prohibited under the Missouri Constitution. A vote on a highly anticipated gun bill in the Missouri Senate turned into a wider debate on domestic violence and the Republican majority’s priorities Thursday, with Senate Democrats engaging in a lengthy filibuster before the bill ultimately passed. The Republican-backed House Bill 85, which now returns to the House for final approval, would establish the Second Amendment Preservation Act, or SAPA, and effectively nullify federal […]

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