Here’s what you should know about Texas gun laws

Here's what you should know about Texas gun laws

Texas has some of the most gun-friendly laws in the nation , including the right to openly carry handguns for law-abiding residents 18 and old who have obtained the necessary permit by taking safety course and acquiring a permit. The training may be done online or in person through a licensed instructor. The open carrying of shotguns and rifles has long been legal in Texas, except in places where carrying is expressly forbidden. School properties in Texas are gun-free zones, under state and federal laws. But the laws also allow for some exceptions. Guns also may not be legally carried in places where the sale of alcohol makes up the majority of the business activity. The age to purchase a shotgun or rifle in Texas is 18; handguns may not be purchased by anyone under age 21. According to the Gifford Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence , "Texas has no law requiring firearms dealers to initiate background checks prior to transferring a firearm." But the centers adds, the firearms dealers in Texas must do "the background check required by federal law by contacting the FBI directly." Under Texas law, anyone who allows a minor to gain "access to a readily dischargeable firearm" can be charged with criminal negligence . Exceptions are made for hunting and sport shooting, and if the firearm is need for self-defense. There is no requirement in Texas that all firearms be locked up. Although guns are generally prohibited in Texas schools, lawmakers, in response […]

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