Hey President Trump, take a look at what we’ve done

President Donald Trump seems to take a dim view of cities. Though he comes out of the biggest U.S. city of all, New York, he regularly trashes urban centers. As president, he’s gone after Baltimore (“a rodent-infested mess”); Chicago (“a total disaster”); Los Angeles (“horrible, horrible, disgusting conditions”); and Atlanta (“falling apart” and “crime-infested”). Well, Mr. President, we won’t claim Minneapolis and St. Paul are perfect. But when you arrive here for your visit, you will find vibrant cities that celebrate their diverse cultures and groups, from the descendants of Norwegian and German immigrants to more recent Somali and Hmong settlers who have added new dimensions to life in the Upper Midwest. We have crime and homelessness, like any area, but we know the primary causes are poverty and struggle regardless of ethnic identity. The metro area is also the financial engine of the state, with banking centers and Fortune 500 headquarters, as well as thriving small businesses and nonprofits. A higher-than-average minimum wage has helped lift the quality of life for some of our hardest workers. Our many parks give everyone a chance to enjoy greenery and outdoor amenities. They cost money, but we know they pay dividends beyond measure. We hope you see all the richness of life in our cities. We’ve spent decades building bridges to knit various communities together, because bridges are better than walls. We admit, we could use a little help, not just in the cities, but in this state you hope to […]

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