This gun rights community is the vision of a patriot who, without doubt, believes the first and second amendments are some of the most important aspects of our society’s freedoms. To protect our first amendment rights, enforce the protection of the constitution and provide protection from tyranny of a government out of control, the second amendment is key to the living document we hold so dear as United States citizens. This is a document so important that people from everywhere try to come here both legally and illegally to obtain its protection. In a time when defectors want to take away our gun right freedoms to construct their delusion of safety and security, it is more important than ever to stand up and be heard. We must remain the nation of people that our forefathers envisioned us to be, not throwing away the sacrifice they gave with no measure of preservation, giving us freedom of thought, belief and the strength of one even as much as the many, that we hold so dear as true patriots.

The defectors wants you to think that we live in an age where a utopia can be achieved by disarming its citizens not only by taking away our gun rights but our rights to freedom of expression even if offensive to others. Conceptually, the youth of today cannot grasp the fact that the first step to dictatorship and stripping everyone of their basic rights, is to disarm the population, stating taking away one person’s gun rights is safety for all allowing the government to reign without restriction or resistance. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, drafted the articles for the protection of the governed, which allow us to not only protect ourselves but our families as well, and as the governed we must enforce our rights to be protected.

We are here to keep the balance, fight the good fight and allow those who believe in the freedoms bestowed upon us to connect with each other. This site gives those patriots the ability to post pictures, videos, teach, have discussions about firearms and responsible ownership without fear or reprisal. We will not bend to the will of the wind – wherever it happens to be blowing this week or the next. So, if you have been kicked off, restricted, shunned or anything else by YouTube, Facebook or any other platform because you choose to exercise your gun rights, you are welcome to join us. We want you to be a part of something larger than yourself, a community that will stand resolute and fight for our freedoms.