How to build a Fascist movement, and who to build it with

A young friend took exception with a short piece I wrote, claiming it showed me as anti-gun. Because, I suppose, if one does not genuflect at the name of the Second Amendment while reading from the gospel according to LaPierre, one must be anti gun, and therefore anti freedom and anti American. Since Trump can be counted on as a high priest of the unlimited right to bear and use arms, my friend will stick with him. All others can be no other than enemies of the truth. I have a high regard for the Constitution, but low regard for its Second Amendment, which has been the go to excuse for the violence prone gun culture that has captured the soul of America. It doesn’t make me anti gun. Like most others my age who grew up in the Midwest, we had them, everyone did, but they weren’t objects of adoration, nor did we give them much thought as means to defend our freedoms. And we had reason to be concerned about our freedoms. The Red Menace was a hot topic, fall out shelters were in abundance, and we knew about survivalists who had theirs stocked with food and weapons to keep others out. Few took them seriously. The point is, guns per se were never worth enough to get into an argument about them. It’s hard for me to understand how favoring licensing guns and gun owners in a way similar to how we license cars and drivers […]

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