Idaho gun laws are loose, but don’t expect that to change

Idaho gun laws are loose, but don't expect that to change

Firearms are organized in a display case at Impact Guns Boise on Wednesday. Staff interact with customers at Impact Guns Boise on Wednesday. In the aftermath of the Boise Towne Square shooting, leaders are wondering how to prevent another tragedy. After a fatal shooting, particularly one in a public setting, talk often turns to gun control. In Idaho, one of the most gun-friendly states in the United States, the chance of gun control passing is slim, political experts said. “I would be extremely surprised to see Idaho or any state with Idaho’s political composition make any kind of more restrictive movement,” said Jeff Lyons, associate professor in the Boise State University School of Public Service. In the case of Monday’s shooting, the alleged gunman was a felon, but did not meet Idaho’s standards for crimes that prohibit firearm possession, the Idaho Press previously reported. Idaho Code outlaws firearm ownership or possession by people convicted of certain felonies, but the suspect was convicted for felony retail theft in Illinois, which is not on the list. However, according to House Judiciary Chair Greg Chaney, R-Caldwell, that’s not at all likely to change. “I don’t believe that there’s anything related to a theft charge in another state that would ever really ring our bell as something that should permanently deprive someone of their constitutional rights,” he said. Chaney, an attorney, said, “The list is actually a list of exceptions. Once you’re done with your sentence and your parole, as a rule, you […]

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