Important New Legal Victories for Second Amendment Rights

Gun Rights

We’re only halfway through summer, but it has proven a particularly fruitful one for supporters of the Second Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms. Most saliently, President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who interprets the seminal 2008 Heller v. D.C. decision to forbid laws outlawing so-called "assault weapons," to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Then, in recent weeks, several types of firearms restrictions have fallen in courts across America. This week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — which has consistently earned ridicule for defective constitutional analysis in pursuit of leftist political ends — actually got an important case right by ruling that the right to keep and bear arms includes the right to openly carry a firearm outside of one’s home. In the case of Young v. Hawaii , local authorities repeatedly denied the plaintiff’s application to carry a handgun for self-defense because they didn’t believe that he had demonstrated sufficient cause. Hawaiian law requires citizens to keep their firearms at their "place of business, residence, or sojourn." And unless government officials allow otherwise, "a person may only transport an unloaded firearm, in an enclosed container, to and from a place of repair, a target range, a licensed dealer, a firearms exhibit, a hunting ground, or a police station, and may only use those firearms while ‘actually engaged’ in hunting or target shooting." Some good that will do anyone in need of immediate self-defense outside of their homes. Bizarrely, the lower district court […]

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