In "2nd Amendment Sanctuaries," officials refuse to enforce new gun laws

In “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries,” officials refuse to enforce new gun laws

Gun Rights

As gun control advocates see more of their proposed policies become law, another group with a decidedly different aim is also gaining momentum. It’s a loose network of local officials who are refusing to enforce the new laws, which include measures to require universal background checks, or ban assault weapons, or temporarily remove firearms from those deemed a danger to themselves or others. The name for this new tactic is “nullification,” and the localities that are practicing it are calling themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” — a tactic that, ironically, was partly inspired by efforts to establish immigration and marijuana sanctuaries . In some cases, county sheriffs have publicly said they will not enforce the new laws. This has happened in at least six states: Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Illinois. In Washington , sheriffs in more than half of the counties have refused to enforce new gun regulations. One, Bob Songer of Klickitat County, has gone even further — saying he might prevent state and federal police from enforcing them. In Nevada, one sheriff who recently refused to enforce a new gun law wrote a letter to the governor likening the measure to Hitler’s gun policies . In other places, such as Weld County, C O, county or town councils have passed resolutions defying new gun restrictions. And gun rights advocates in some of these states, such as New Mexico , are also pushing for ballot initiatives designed to overturn new gun laws. In most cases, county […]

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