In rebuttal to Nancy Bailey

In rebuttal to Nancy Bailey’s letter of Sept. 9, 2020, I believe, first, that journalists do not hate President Trump. I recall that Harry Truman, known as “Give ’em Hell, Harry,” once said that he just tells the truth, and his opponents think it’s hell. Her claim that the Obama administration’s investigation of Trump “made Watergate look like child’s play” cannot be credited. After Nixon resigned, fearing impeachment, several in his administration were jailed. Trump was impeached by the House, but Senate Republicans (as well as the president) prevented a full investigation. Trump’s acts for veterans and religious people are noted. Yet his reduction of U.S. Forces in Europe and the Middle East make many here and abroad doubt American resolve to help defend our allies. Relevant to this is his uncritical trust of Vladimir Putin over U.S. Intelligence and military advisors, as well as his refusal to resist Russian occupation of eastern Ukraine. Ms. Bailey did not, last week, hear of the president’s reported disparaging comments on American soldiers in several wars; by now I trust she has. Ms. Bailey says that Trump is pro-life, but according to the “seamless garment” position of recent popes and the American Catholic bishops, life after birth demands care, respect and humane treatment for all, including the poor, disabled, incarcerated (including those on death row), mentally challenged, immigrants, refugees, all workers-and the environment, of which the air and water must be healthy enough for all creatures. The climate change denier Trump’s turning […]

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