Increased Nebraska gun sales mirror national trend

NORFOLK, Neb. (AP) — Between riots and talk of tighter gun control legislation, 2020 appears to have been a record year for gun sales across the nation. The actual number of guns sold in the United States is not recorded. The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Check System, however, is a federal firearm background check system used by licensed firearm dealers. The system doesn’t compile purchases but records how many FBI checks have been processed. Most gun purchases require a background check. In 2020, for example, every month of background checks was up significantly over 2019. In fact, the FBI checks hardly reached 3 million in a month before 2020 but did so eight times in 2020. The same is true already in 2021. There were 4,317,804 FBI checks in January 2021, which is the first time it surpassed 4 million checks. Anyone who has purchased a firearm in the past year has probably seen a shortage, according to the Norfolk Daily News. Many places that sell guns have certain models on back order. Many gun purchasers have to wait for them to arrive or settle for another model. Local sheriff’s departments said they had noticed increased interest in firearms and had performed more background checks. Pierce County Sheriff Rick Eberhardt said the interest locally is up — especially among women. Gun permits in the county went up from 190 in 2019, with 26 being women. Then in 2020, the number of permits went up to 253, with 48 being […]

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