Interview: Allen West, 2019 NRA Board of Directors Candidate

Allen West is running for reelection to the 2019 NRA board of Directors. USA – -( )- AmmoLand News had a chance to catch up with our friend Allen West to talk about his run for reelection to the NRA board of directors in 2019 and about the organization itself as well as the current political outlook for gun owners in the face of a hostile Congress. Fredy Riehl: Hello Allen, thank you for taking the time to talk with AmmoLand News I know you have a busy schedule. Can you start by letting our readers know what your primary motivation is to continue as a Director on the NRA board? Allen West: My primary motivation for continuing to serve on the NRA Board is to honor my oath to the Constitution that I took on 31 July 1982 when commissioned as an Army officer. I also think it is critical to advocate for the NRA in the minority communities where second amendment rights have incessantly been under assault. When I think of the progressive socialist left’s goal to not just undermine the Second Amendment, but to potentially disarm law-abiding legal gun owners in America, this is a definitive fight for liberty, freedom, in America. I want to be a leading voice to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms is never rescinded, and not infringed upon. Fredy Riehl: We have a lot of veterans that are regular readers of AmmoLand. Tell us about your military […]

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