Interview: Mike DeWine, Ohio's 70th Governor

Interview: Mike DeWine, Ohio’s 70th Governor

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Mike DeWine will be sworn in as governor on Monday, Jan. 14, 2018. For the first time in eight years, Ohio gets a new governor on Monday. Its 70th governor, to be exact. But Mike DeWine is hardly a new face for Ohioans. DeWine, 72, first won public office in 1976 when he was elected Green County Prosecutor. Since then, he’s climbed the political ladder to U.S. Representative, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senator before winning the governor’s race last November. He takes office at a unique time in Ohio history, and follows the footsteps of a unique governor in John Kasich, who often conflicted with the state’s GOP-dominated legislature. DeWine could depart from Kasich in his support of bills like the "Heartbeat Bill" and "Stand Your Ground," although he’s hesitant to talk about either. But when it comes to health care issues like Medicaid expansion and coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, DeWine seems to mostly align with his predecessor. WOSU’s Steve Brown sat down with DeWine to talk about his biggest priorities and what else Ohioans should expect from his administration The following is a transcription of their conversation. Steve Brown: What is your number one priority as governor? Mike DeWine: You know, jobs and the economy still is number one priority because we have a little different situation today. We have a situation eight years later where there are jobs out there, but sometimes we can’t find people to fill those jobs or people who need jobs […]

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