Is Rep. Debbie Dingell Introducing a ‘Gun Confiscation’ Bill?

Rep. Debbie Dingell is introducing a bill that would lead to widespread gun confiscations. An April 2018, a Fox News appearance by Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan led to another round of stories from right-wing blogs promoting the fear of widespread gun confiscations. Dingell, a Democrat, was interviewed by the right-wing network about her work co-chairing a working group alongside Republican Fred Upton concerning mass shooting attacks at schools. The network preceded her interview by reporting that police in Seattle were “seizing guns.” In fact, there has been one reported instance of an involuntary gun seizure in Washington state through the use of an extreme risk protection order (ERPO for short) since the law was approved by voters in November 2016. During her appearance, Dingell said that she intended to introduce a federal version of the “red flag” laws that allow for use of ERPOs by law enforcement which are currently in effect in Washington and four other states, which contain guidelines through which individuals or police officers can petition courts to issue ERPOs if they believe that a gun owner may be a danger to themselves or others. Many of the blogs accusing Dingell of preparing to act out against gun owners cite the same Washington Post story — mislabeled as an original report by the Salt Lake City Tribune, rather than a republication — saying, “In Indiana, law enforcement can confiscate weapons without a judge’s order. The gun owner must ask the court to get the weapons […]

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