Islamists Work To Disarm Free Men And Arm Themselves

UTT : The right to keep and bear arms exists with or without a U.S. Constitution and with or without a United States of America. The right exists in nature and is, therefore, a right that exists for all humans. If the right to defend and protect oneself exists, then we have the right to bear the tools to do so. The Second Amendment does not GIVE us the right to bear arms, it PROTECTS it. Marxists and Jihadis know the inalienable rights to self-defense and free expression are bedrocks of free Western societies, and that is why they attack it with such fervor. Using the Islamic Law of Slander under the mask of “Islamophobia” jihadis have persuaded many Western leaders to shut down all expression which offends muslims. This is, as the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood calls it, Civilization Jihad by OUR hands . Now, Islamic leaders (aka “Jihadis”) are working with the help of their Marxist friends to disarm free people while arming themselves. Case in point: the jihadi Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is forcing Britons to surrender even kitchen knives using the lie that he seeks to “protect” the community. Meanwhile, stabbings in London continue to skyrocket because they are being perpetrated by muslims who are not surrendering their weapons, not even their kitchen knives. Here in the United States, sources inside the muslim community tell UTT Muslim Brotherhood mosques and organizations are encouraging muslims to purchase firearms and join the NRA, while at the same […]

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