‘It Was My Second Shooting, So I Was Kind of Prepared. I’m Always Expecting Something to Happen.’

'It Was My Second Shooting, So I Was Kind of Prepared. I'm Always Expecting Something to Happen.'

Often, we Americans hear that the prospect of democratically elected governments putting rules in place concerning the ownership of deadly weapons—human tools that serve no purpose except to maim, kill, or communicate the threat of violence—would constitute tyranny. This is normally packaged up with claims that the Second Amendment to the Constitution prescribes a model of individual gun ownership free from virtually any limits imposed by the government, despite the fact that the individual right to bear arms was only established by the Supreme Court in 2008 , and despite the fact you already are not allowed to own fully automatic weapons. In theory. This is often buttressed with claims that firearms constitute one’s last defense against a tyrannical government, raising the notion that some of America’s gun owners would enter into armed conflict with an American totalitarian state armed with tanks and Predator drones. On the contrary, it’s clear that there are some limits on firearms ownership and we are just arguing over where the line should be. It’s also clear that the First Amendment, not the Second, is our only real defense against the potential of a tyrannical American federal government which is, in terms of force of arms, the most powerful entity in the history of the world. For unlimited access to Esquire’s political coverage, including an exclusive weekly newsletter from Charles P. Pierce, you can join Esquire Select here . The actual tyranny in operation here is the Tyranny of the Gun. (Not the government’s […]

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