It’s not just about Second Amendment

It's not just about Second Amendment

Guns on display during a news conference in the law library at Suffolk County Court in Riverhead in January 2020. Credit: James Carbone Our focus as Americans too often has been misdirected when we have mass shootings [“Trying to solve endless slaughter,” Letters, May 29]. It’s not a Second Amendment question. After the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012, there was movement to prevent mass shootings by banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines; Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. Despite the emotional and powerful rhetoric, this bill failed miserably in the Senate, 60 against and 40 in favor. The ban would have prevented the 18-year-old in Texas from buying the same type of weapons and high-capacity magazines used in Sandy Hook. They facilitate mass casualties not replicated by a handgun, hunting rifle or shotgun. This is a crisis of common sense inconceivable to any parent, even to an American who legally carries a pistol, as I do. Start the accountability with those 60 senators who voted “nay” nine years ago. Why do our elected officials fail so miserably to step up and make real change to save lives — children’s lives. Stop hiding behind the Second Amendment that James Madison wrote to provide more power to state militias; today they are called the National Guard. Roberto Friedlander, West Islip When former President Donald Trump addressed the National Rifle Association convention in Houston, he pitched the same inane excuse foisted on Americans for years by gun […]

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