‘It’s Really Hot’: Tiny Pro-Gun Rally Featuring ‘Conceal Carry Yoga Pants’ Makes It One Whole Block

'It's Really Hot': Tiny Pro-Gun Rally Featuring 'Conceal Carry Yoga Pants' Makes It One Whole Block

“We’re marching from the beginning of the block to the end of the block, that’s it." Photo Credit: @MomsDemand/Twitter They made their mark. And let it be written (as one of their signs stated), “Fear the government that fears your guns.” Or something. ‘GUN RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS’: PRO-GUN RALLY COUNTERS GUN CONTROL MOVEMENT About 50 pro-gun activists marched up and down a single city block in Los Angeles on Saturday, as part of a national event billed as the conservative alternative to the March for Our Lives , the gun control movement founded by survivors of the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida. This was a big-time, nationwide counter-protest. How “big time” you may ask? Featured pro-gun speakers at the Los Angeles event included Will Witt, a conservative social media influencer; Kaya Jones, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls; and Amy Robbins, an NRA TV host, who founded a company that makes yoga pants and other athletic wear for women who want to carry guns . F*ck, yeah! Yoga pants that allow conceal carry! And in Chicago and Palm Beach, the protests were off-the-hook ! In Chicago, organizers planned for about 125 people, but the rally drew approximately 35 . The group gathered in a corner of Millennium Park, not on the Great Lawn, because organizers did not secure a permit and park security forced them to leave . … In Palm Beach, Fla., about 100 people were expected to rally at a park; 13 came, including […]

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