Jackson County Looks To Join Lawsuit Challenging Missouri’s New 2nd Amendment Law

Jackson County Looks To Join Lawsuit Challenging Missouri's New 2nd Amendment Law

Carlos Moreno / KCUR 89.3 Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signs HB 85 into law in June, at the Frontier Justice gun shop in Lee’s Summit. Jackson County is requesting to join a lawsuit opposing the bill. Jackson County wants to sign onto the joint lawsuit filed by St. Louis City and County that challenges a new Missouri rule restricting how local and state police can enforce federal gun laws. The law, called the Second Amendment Preservation Act, imposes a $50,000 fine on any state or local official who enforces a federal gun law that’s not already a law in the Show-Me State. The rule also says federal laws infringing the Second Amendment are invalid in Missouri. “As we speak, there are attorneys in our County Counselor’s Office who are finalizing motions to request to be able to enter that lawsuit,” said Caleb Clifford, chief of staff for County Executive Frank White Jr. This comes the same day the County Legislature approved a resolution supporting the plan to join the lawsuit. That resolution was approved by a vote of 5-3, with one legislator not present. “The county executive thought that it was important for us to show that this was supported not just by the executive himself, but it was also supported by the legislature, who was also voted in by the community,” Clifford said. Parson signed the law in question on June 12, at the Frontier Justice gun shop in Lee’s Summit. At the ceremony, the Republican echoed a […]

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