Jasper County could be Iowa’s first ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’

Jasper County could be Iowa's first 'Second Amendment sanctuary'

NEWTON, Iowa — Jasper County could become the first county in Iowa to designate itself a "Second Amendment sanctuary," proclaiming it will not enforce gun laws it believes are unconstitutional, under a resolution under consideration by the county’s Board of Supervisors. At its meeting Tuesday, supervisors discussed a measure that declares opposition to laws that violate the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, but supervisors voted to continue discussion to its next meeting, scheduled for the following Tuesday, in order to allow for more feedback. The resolution proclaims that "legislation of the Congress of the United States or of the Iowa General Assembly, or any order promulgated by the Federal or State of lowa Executive that infringes upon the constitutionally protected natural right of the people of Jasper County to keep and bear arms shall not be enforced by any individual employed by the Jasper County Sheriffs Office or any other employee of Jasper County." "I believe this resolution is necessary because we cannot rely solely upon the federal and state government to protect our citizens’ natural rights," Jasper County Supervisor Brandon Talsma said. According to the Associated Press, some 1,200 local governments across the country have proclaimed themselves "Second Amendment sanctuaries," though they face legal hurdles . Richard Rogers, with the Iowa Firearms Coalition, says the proposal mirrors language the organization modeled for local governments, saying it’s important for local governments to take action on this issue because it is "closest to the people." He said there’s […]

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