JD Vance: Biden, ‘unholy alliance’ coming for our guns, other ‘cherished American liberties’ next

JD Vance: Biden, 'unholy alliance' coming for our guns, other 'cherished American liberties' next

Guest Columnist A lot of people assume firearms enthusiasts don’t care about safety. The first time my grandmother ever let me shoot a weapon, she taught me the three most important safety rules — keep the safety on until you’re ready to fire, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, and never point a weapon at anything you don’t want to kill. She reinforced this constantly, and always showed me the holes ripped in the cans we practiced on, reminding me that if a bullet could do that to a soda can it could do much worse to my face. I first fired an air gun when I was 4, and a .22 rifle when I was 5. No kid in our family would have dreamed of touching a weapon without an adult around to supervise. In our family, guns were just a part of life. But I will be the first to admit that gun violence rates are too high in this country. At the same time, Democrat arguments for gun control rest on a series of falsehoods. You hear often that the United States has high rates of gun violence because it has the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. More: Ohio prosecutor: Activists are ‘dishonest brokers.’ Judges are liberal. Neither police or our bond system hurt Black men. On its face, this sounds reasonable: we do have high rates of gun violence, and we do have sky-high rates of gun […]

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