Jim Camden: Spin Control: Matt Shea still hasn’t paid to clean olive oil off the Capitol steps

Jim Camden: Spin Control: Matt Shea still hasn't paid to clean olive oil off the Capitol steps

Jun. 27—Former Rep. Matt Shea, who opted not to run for re-election to the Legislature last year, is gone but not forgotten at the state Capitol in Olympia. Christian conservatives doubtless remember him for a solid record opposing things like abortion and same-sex marriage, and fiscal conservatives for voting against tax increases. Gun rights advocates might remember his impassioned speeches against anything they view as encroaching on the Second Amendment. Fans of having Eastern Washington secede from the West Side likely miss him as the chief proponent of the now moribund 51st State movement. Democratic opponents might remember him less fondly for those things, but also for the special investigation that questioned whether some of his outside activities could be considered domestic terrorism. The folks who take care of the Capitol complex might remember him for something else: not paying to clean up the mess he made with a bit of religious theater more than a year ago. According the Department of Enterprise Services, Shea hasn’t paid the initial $4,761.34 bill for removing olive oil the state believes he poured on the stone steps and walkway on the north side of the domed Legislative Building on March 6, 2020. That was the day Shea and other Christian conservatives decided to counter a protest by a group of Satanists with a demonstration of their own. Members of the Seattle-based Satanic Temple of Washington were fuming a bit because, unlike many other religious denominations, they hadn’t been invited to deliver an […]

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