John Rich Happy to Debate Gun Control With Tyler Hubbard, But Wants Fans to Back Off With the Hate

Gun Rights

Big & Rich ‘s John Rich has long been an outspoken and staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment. Still, the singer says he welcomes discussion with country artists on the other side of the political fence, including Florida Georgia Line ‘s Tyler Hubbard , who recently challenged other country stars to join him as a part of TOMS’ founder Blake Mycoskie’s End Gun Violence Together campaign. Although he knows gun control is a hot-button issue for many of his listeners, Rich asks his fans on social media to cease with their attacks on Hubbard and other anti-gun artists. "I see a lot of people attacking my friend @THubbmusic about his call for more gun control," Rich posted on Twitter. "I wanna ask you to stop that. He’s a good man and means well, he’s trying to have dialogue and I applaud that. I’m open to dialogue anytime on the subject, as are many of my fellow artists." Rich spoke to Fox News about the announcement from Hubbard, as well as follow-up posts from Dierks Bentley and others in the country genre, in support of the End Gun Violence Together campaign, saying he has nothing but respect for his fellow artists but does want to engage them in a discussion about what a viable solution would look like. "I have my firearm and my concealed weapons permit to defend myself against the crazy guys," Rich says, explaining that he does everything "by the book" and hasn’t seen a good answer […]

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