Judge refuses to block San Diego ban on ghost guns

The novel law — which bans non-serialized, unfinished, untraceable firearms — is set to go into effect Saturday. (Pixabay image via Courthouse News) SAN DIEGO (CN) — San Diego’s novel ban on so-called ghost guns — non-serialized, unfinished untraceable firearms — got the judicial green light Wednesday to go into effect later this week. U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant, a Barack Obama appointee, declined to issue a temporary restraining order blocking the Eliminate Non-serialized Untraceable Firearms (ENUF) ordinance from going into effect Oct. 23 even though she acknowledged the law, “in both a technical and operational sense,” amounts to a ban. The ordinance is currently being challenged by individual gun owners along with the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC and Firearms Policy Coalition, who claim the ban not only violates the Second Amendment but state law which allows Californians to assemble their own firearms so long as they apply for a Department of Justice-issued serial number within 10 days of putting together the DIY weapon. Under the new ordinance, San Diegans can’t possess non-serialized firearms or components — effectively blocking city residents from assembling their own weapons — as unfinished firearms frames or receivers used by DIY gun hobbyists aren’t sold pre-serialized. “Defendants do not — nor can they — dispute that unlike other Californians, residents of the City will be unable to exercise the option set forth in Section 29180 to manufacture a firearm using unfinished receivers or unfinished frames and apply to the DOJ for a […]

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