Justice Department Says Missouri’s New 2nd Amendment Law Is ‘Legally Invalid’

Justice Department Says Missouri's New 2nd Amendment Law Is ‘Legally Invalid’

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson showed off HB85, which he signed inside Frontier Justice gun shop in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, on June 12. The Justice Department on Wednesday weighed in on Missouri’s law barring enforcement of federal gun laws, flatly declaring it “legally invalid.” In a so-called statement of interest filed with the Cole County court that’s considering the law’s legality, the department urged the court to block enforcement of the law. The case will be heard Thursday afternoon at 1:30 before Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Richard Green. The law, called the Second Amendment Preservation Act, levies a $50,000 fine on any state or local official who enforces a federal gun law that’s not also a Missouri law. It also declares federal laws that infringe on the Second Amendment as invalid in Missouri. The law’s penalties are set to take effect on Aug. 28. Jackson County, St. Louis and St. Louis County have challenged the law, HB85, which Missouri Gov. Parson signed on June 12 at the Frontier Justice gun shop in Lee’s Summit. In its statement of interest, the Justice Department advanced two main arguments for blocking the law. First, it stated, the law undermines law enforcement activities in Missouri, “including valuable partnerships federal agencies have developed with state and local jurisdictions.” As an example, the department cited several state and local law enforcement agencies that have indicated they will no longer input data into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network, or NIBIN, which enables investigators to match […]

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