Kamala Harris’ campaign trail gun rhetoric meets Biden’s reality

Kamala Harris' campaign trail gun rhetoric meets Biden's reality

(CNN)Presidential candidate Kamala Harris campaigned aggressively on gun control reform — making the case that if Congress couldn’t act to make changes, the president could. A California senator without much to lose as she fought to define herself in the 2020 Democratic primary, Harris at the time made bold claims about presidential power that then-candidate Joe Biden did not agree with and is unlikely as president to take on. Biden on Tuesday urged Senate action on two House-passed bills on background checks and an assault weapons ban in the wake of two mass shootings and he pledged to do everything he could to "keep Americans safe." But he did not pledge any unilateral executive actions. Speaking hours before him, Harris called the deadly Colorado mass shooting "absolutely tragic," during an event at the White House but stopped short of calling for gun reform when asked about the future of gun control. It’s unlikely Harris will publicly disagree with Biden — the two are forging a close working relationship. Biden has said that he asked Harris "to be the last voice in the room" before big decisions, and those close to Harris say it’s likely she is utilizing that privilege to voice her own opinion, including on guns. But still, it’s unclear what Harris’ role now is in pushing Biden to adopt policies closer to those that were once her own. "It doesn’t matter what her position might be at this point, she is part of an administration and he’s […]

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