Kids get educated on gun safety

ATWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) –Kid spent time firing off their best shots on the ranges as part of a class meant to get them more comfortable around guns. "Righteously then you won’t have problems with them," says Wayne Moran. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida and the wave of student marches across the nation. There’s been a lot of people talking about gun control. Ron Coventry is teaching kids how to properly arm and protect themselves. "My main mission here is to educate kids on firearms," says Coventry. He’s a trainer for Shooter School Weapons Training Site.This is his second time teaching the class. He feels educating kids on guns is important. "They are bad in the wrong hand. They are dangerous in the wrong hands but in the right hands with the proper training, a gun is a useful tool," says Coventry." About 11 kids were out for training. They hope the children will able able to leave a little more knowledgeable about guns. "It’s critically important they understand how to handle those firearms safely and make sure we don’t see the tragic accidents that occur when kids that don’t understand the basic rules of firearm safety get a hold of them and bad things happen," states Richard Ryan. A study from Journal Pediatrics says gunshot wounds are the third leading cause of death for children aged one to 17. About 1300 kids in this age group die from gunshot wounds yearly in the United States. "A lot […]

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