Kitsap’s interim sheriff didn’t sign letter supporting Second Amendment, but said he would have

Kitsap's interim sheriff didn't sign letter supporting Second Amendment, but said he would have

A letter released last week and signed by 37 of the state’s 39 sheriffs affirming their commitment to “steadfastly protect” the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, along with other individual rights, does not bear the signature of Kitsap County’s interim sheriff. However, John Gese, who is hoping for the appointment to fill out the remainder of former Sheriff Gary Simpson’s term after Gese served as undersheriff , said if he had permanent status he would have likely signed the letter from the Washington State Sheriffs’ Association. “If appointed sheriff I would feel some motivation to go ahead and sign it,” said Gese. He said he was committed to upholding all the amendments of the Constitution, but would have wanted to “allay fears” of gun owners who feel the right to keep and bear arms has been threatened. “I don’t see the government coming around and taking guns, but that is a concern with our people out there,” Gese said. Since Simpson filed as a Democrat and left office early to retire at the end of last month , the county Democratic party will forward to county commissioners a list of three possible replacements. Commissioners will pick a candidate to serve until the end of 2022, the remainder of Simpson’s term. Commissioners must interview and select a replacement sheriff 60 days from July 1, the day after Simpson’s last day. If Gese is ultimately selected, despite not yet standing for election, he would have the same status as though […]

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