Kobach parade gun may be ‘red meat’ for base, but would it hurt in general election?

Kobach parade gun may be 'red meat' for base, but would it hurt in general election?

Kansans may not have seen the last of Kris Kobach campaigning next to a replica of a mounted machine gun. The Republican candidate for governor said he probably will use the Jeep with the replica machine gun again, even after it led Shawnee to apologize for Kobach’s display during a weekend parade there. Political scientists who have followed Kobach’s campaign say the move may help the Kansas Secretary of State in his quest to win the August GOP primary. But it could backfire in the general election, where moderate or left-leaning voters might not be receptive to such a tactic, one said. "That’s red meat for the base," Patrick Miller, a political scientist at the University of Kansas, said about Kobach’s parade exhibition. "And that base is going to vote in the primary." Today’s top news by email The local news you need to start your day Recaptcha requires verification. I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA Privacy – Terms Michael Smith, a political scientist at Emporia State University, said there’s definitely a big swath of the Republican primary electorate that will like Kobach’s move. But Smith said it could hurt Kobach if he makes it to the general election. "Kobach’s whole strategy seems to be, ‘Well, Donald Trump won this state by 20 points,’ " Smith said. " ‘So, what do I have to apologize for or backtrack from?’ " Kobach also thought the gun display would help him in the primary, but conceded it would have "a smaller positive […]

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