KY congressional contest is a race to the right, complete with a gun giveaway

It’s shaping up to be a duel of which candidate is more conservative. And one of them is taking the unusual campaign approach of giving away a gun to try to attract voters over the July 4 holiday. Republican U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie of Lewis County, who has been in Congress since 2012 representing Northern Kentucky’s 4th District, claims on his campaign website that he is “Kentucky’s most conservative Congressman on the job.” He often has drawn public attention for advocating libertarian policies while typically voting for and being involved with the Republican Party. Now, Claire Wirth of Oldham County is starting her Republican campaign to unseat Massie next year with inspiration from controversial freshman U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia. She has been touting since May 24 on her campaign’s Facebook page the giveaway of an AM-15 pistol and how to contribute to her campaign. Massie said he understands why anyone would want a chance to win a free gun but “this candidate is full of other surprises, like the fact she just recently started living in Kentucky.” Massie’s campaign also produced records that showed Wirth did not start voting in Kentucky elections until the 2019 general election. Wirth, who is involved in real estate and investment with Wirth Capital and is making her first bid for public office, said she moved with her family to Kentucky in January 2018 from Arizona. She said her family was looking “for a red state that didn’t have the problems Arizona […]

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